Toters the app you have to download... like NOW!

If you haven't heard of us you are missing out...

If you have heard of us but haven't tried us out you stop everything you are doing and keep reading!

That's right, you heard it ... we are an on-demand delivery service gets you the places you love, from places you crave ASAP or scheduled!

Sounds perfect, doesn't it? 

We are here to make your lives THAT much simpler & hassle free.

Sure, we are all used to calling up our local delivery places and ordering the same thing every time so why would we want to order through an App?

Imagine yourself in a huge mall with so many options and suggestions in front of you BUT at your fingertips!

Our app is slick, user friendly and full of ready-made menus with deliciously looking photographs to tickle your cravings! (Our business development team are working extra hard to have new places weekly!)

Few taps of a button your order will be processed SANS the whole phone conversation; explaining you don't want ketchup in your burger over three times and that your location is opposite some 'dikkeneh' that is 100 meters away from some well known restaurant (Thank god for google maps and pinning your location) !

We update you with notifications to keep you informed; when your personal shopper accepts your order, when he is in store, and when he’s on his way to you, and of course the really cool tracking page...

No more 'hangry' you

Calling up a place you ordered from and having them tell you your order needs a few (who knew a few minutes is equivalent to an hour?)

So in Summary the App is FABULOUS because:

It’s PERFECT for when you are crunched with time or simply when you want to be lazy and to ‘Netflix and chill’!

Hungover and can’t get up but you're SERIOUSLY craving that burger from that place that doesn’t usually deliver? 

If you are a living alone and have no clue how to put a meal together, Toters offers many healthy pocket friendly options; no more ordering from your local junk food delivery place!

Toters can do it for you!

Now for the exciting part!

We are famous for our green uniformed personal shoppers...

If you SPOT one, snap a photo, post on Instagram and tag @toters_delivery and you might get a wonderful surprise!!! (Just make sure your profile isn't private so we can see!)

Download Toters App and let us take care of you,

We are here to save Lebanon and your churning stomach’s!

Love From Toters