TOTERS is now delivering in SIN El FIL

Your votes counted. For all those voting to have the TOTERS service in Sin El Fil, your voice has been heard. We've recently expanded our coverage to reach your area. Now, our customers in Sin el Fil will have access to tens of restaurants including Tavolina, Frosty Palace, Mario e Mario, Shinto Sushi House, and many more!

Adding more merchants

We heard you Beirut!

The pilot phase has given us some extremely valuable information. In general, delivery times have been pretty quick. We're optimizing our coverage area in Beirut to serve as many of you delivery fanatics as possible.

More importantly, we're working on adding a new wave of local stores and merchants to the TOTERS app. The types that don't traditionally deliver. Send us your suggestions and we'll make sure we incorporate them into our plans.

Stay tuned for more...



Delivery Pilots started in Beirut

We started our delivery pilots in Beirut and have been achieving great delivery times. We're currently working on rolling out new features for TOTERS, incorporating the valuable feedback we received from our early customers.

We will make announcements on a regular basis so keep checking for more.


Founder | Tamim